Western Polymer Corporation

Headquartered in Moses Lake, Washington, we have achieved our outstanding reputation by supplying high quality starch products and providing exceptional technical service to the paper industry for over 40 years. We have expanded our facility and product line in Moses Lake to include unmodified food grade potato starches. In addition, we produce those products at our Fort Fairfield, Maine plant and continue to produce industrial starches for the paper industry in Grand Forks, North Dakota and Moses Lake.

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Why should paper customers choose us?

Product Quality
A more consistent paper product, better run-ability and lower costs are the result of eliminating process variables. Paper mill profit margins will reflect the advantage of Western Polymer’s more stringently controlled starch specifications. Western Polymer does not merely strive for tighter specifications – we continuously meet the challenge.
Customer Service
A strong commitment to helping our customers meet their evolving needs is an integral part of our success. We offer a readily accessible, highly responsive team of well trained technical professionals who are dedicated to building strong partnerships with our customers. A great compliment to our quality products – the team's goal is to help the papermaker successfully achieve their objectives in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. Western Polymer's application specialists assist in selecting the best combination of wet-end and size-press starches tailored to meet specific needs. We use our ability to work with mill personnel at all levels – as well as the mill's other chemical suppliers – resulting in solutions which add strength not only to paper, but also to your bottom line.
Starch Innovation
Western Polymer’s sophisticated line of starches is guaranteed to meet a mill's basic requirements. And our specially designed custom starches can help give you a highly competitive edge in the marketplace. In concert with other innovations in application technology, Western Polymer starches can help you outpace the competition.
The Western Polymer Way
At Western Polymer Corporation we have built our reputation on producing custom cationic and specialty starch products for our customers, maintaining a consistent high quality product and quickly responding to our customer's changing needs. Our customers include those manufacturing linerboard, medium, fine paper, converting papers, functional papers and tissue. Year after year our customers are satisfied and our partnerships grow stronger because of one thing... our strengths.

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